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Giving Campaign Aims to Distribute $1.8 Million to Broadcasters

Fund is managed by the nonprofit Broadcasters Foundation of America

Broadcasters Foundation of America,

With the aim of providing financial assistance to those in broadcasting who need it most, the Broadcasters Foundation of America has launched its annual year-end giving campaign in which more than $1.8 million in aid will be awarded to broadcast colleagues. The 501(c)3 charity is dedicated exclusively to delivering financial aid to broadcasters and their families whose lives have been upended by illness, accident or catastrophe.

This year’s call for donations follows nearly two years of cancelled fundraising events, most caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the organization, more broadcasters than ever have reached out for monthly or emergency relief.

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“Requests for assistance have escalated at a significant rate over the past several years,” said Jim Thompson, co-president of the Broadcasters Foundation. “Combined with the cancellation of several fundraising events due to the pandemic, personal and corporate donations are vital to continuing our charitable mission of disbursing financial aid to those in your industry who need it most.”

Over the past 20 years, the Broadcasters Foundation has distributed more than $15 million to broadcasters in need. Since 2017, the organization has awarded more than 500 emergency grants and increased monthly grants 75%. Donations are made through several funds including the Guardian Fund, which handles individual donations, the Angel Initiative, which takes in corporate contributions, and the Legacy Society, which handles bequest request.

“Our grant recipients are hard-working broadcasters from across the country and from all size markets, who have been hit by challenging, often life-altering circumstances,” said Scott Herman, chairman of the Broadcasters Foundation of America. “With the support and generosity of the people in our industry, we can help … colleagues and their families get through their toughest times.”

To donate or learn more, contact the Broadcasters Foundation at 1-212-373-8250, [email protected] or at