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July Call Sign Changes: WMBI Is Now WXES

El Sembrador acquired the AM station from Moody last month


The AM radio station formerly known as WMBI no longer has those historic call letters. It officially is now WXES.

That’s just one of the call sign changes reported by the FCC for the month of July, and probably the one involving the most famous call letters.

The station, which airs at 1110 kHz in Chicago, was acquired by El Sembrador Ministries from Moody Bible Institute of Chicago in July. Moody still owns WMBI-FM.

Moody had announced earlier that it planned to sell the AM station, which is considered one of the oldest noncommercial Christian radio stations in the country.

WMBI had been Moody’s flagship dating to 1926, and its call letters referred to the organization’s name. Moody had switched the station to Spanish-language Christian programming in 2012.

Here’s the list of 22 call sign changes in July (PDF).