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Katz Launches Programmatic Division for Digital Audio

Digital audio is “now the number one form of mobile media consumption”

Katz Media, “the nation’s largest media representation company” and part of iHeartMedia, has launched a programmatic sales division for digital audio.

The company calls it Audiology by Katz. “The new division and its programmatic digital audio marketplace was built with the mission to help advertisers and agencies leverage the power of audio to connect with consumers,” it stated. The effort will be headed by David Krulewich, senior VP of programmatic sales for Katz Digital; he reports to Scott Porretti.

The company says Audiology by Katz aims to provide “audio expertise in the programmatic space as well as access to a scalable, premium and brand-safe digital audio marketplace. With programmatic inventory across 120+ connected devices and smart speakers; Audiology is integrated with top Demand Side Platforms and is available in both self-service and managed-service capacities.”

Poretti said digital audio is “now the number one form of mobile media consumption.”

Audiology itself was created in 2017 to “educate the programmatic buying community and fill the digital audio gap in programmatic media plans.”

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