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Angry Audio Introduces Processor for RE20s

The REbel expands the company’s lineup of mic processors

Angry Audio is preparing to ship a new mic processor intended for use with three Electro-Voice microphone models that are popular in radio.

The REbel processor is for use on RE20, RE27 and RE320 microphones and follows on the company’s introduction of a similar processor for Shure SM7s called SMooth.

In the case of the REbel, Angry Audio says it designed DSP algorithms that enhance the unique qualities of the EV mics. “After that, we carefully designed the adjustment bands so you can subtly fine tune the sound. This makes setup a breeze,” it says.

It highlights its mic preamp for “gobs of gain, low distortion, plenty of headroom and a noise figure only 1.5 dB higher than theoretical minimum.”

A Room Control feature, designed by Cornelius Gould, acts like a mixer. “Turn it clockwise to add more room tone (environment) to the signal, counterclockwise for room suppression.” 

The processor’s compressor is adjustable from “natural” to “massive.” A de-esser reduces sibilance, and a high-pass filter is shaped to cut rumble and table noise while preserving voice nuances. A “sparkle” switch adds brightness. MSRP is $889.

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