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NAB Supports “DGR Pledge”

Initiative seeks to support diversity and inclusion in policy advocacy

Charlyn Stanberry, National Association of Broadcasters, NAB
Charlyn Stanberry

The National Association of Broadcasters is among several organizations pledging to strengthen “diversity, equity and inclusion” in government relations.

“NAB is proud to be one of four early adopters of the DGR pledge, along with America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP), Signal Group and Women’s Global Impact Initiative,” wrote Vice President of Government Relations Charlyn Stanberry, who joined NAB in April.

“As we continue to advocate before members of Congress and the administration, we will continue to recruit, hire and promote talent that represents the richness of our nation and broadcasting ecosystem.”

The pledge is an initiative of the DGR Coalition. Stanberry wrote about NAB’s perspective on the issue in a blog post about the pledge.

“While there is still much work to be done, one of the unique aspects local broadcasters have is their ability to reflect the diverse communities they serve,” she wrote. “This effort extends to the work we do within NAB.”