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NAB to FCC: Just Show Your Homework

Association continues its pressure on commission over calculation of regulatory fees

Just in case the FCC has missed the point so far, the National Association of Broadcasters just filed another batch of comments criticizing the commission’s planned hike in regulatory fees for U.S. broadcasters.

“The NPRM imposes a steep increase in radio station regulatory fees disproportionate to other fee payor categories, as well as the increase in the commission’s overall budget,” NAB wrote in its latest filing.

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“The proposed radio fees are also based on flawed data.” Nor is the potential harm limited to radio, NAB continued. “The NPRM does not explain significant changes in regulatory fees for both satellite and VHF television stations.”

The nation’s state broadcast associations have also been vocal on this issue, as we’ve reported, and the latest NAB filing reiterates their argument over how the commission is calculating “payment units” in the radio industry, which affects the fee schedule significantly.

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“NAB simply asks the commission to show its homework by explaining its calculations of the radio regulatory fees, instead of merely issuing a chart of final fees,” it wrote. “It is frustrating that the commission has not seen fit to issue an interim public notice or some other document with additional data that could help inform stakeholders’ responses to the NPRM. Given the apparent inaccuracy of the NPRM’s count of radio station fee payors, and the lack of information and clarity, affected parties are simply unable to provide meaningful input into the regulatory fee process.”

The NAB also warned the FCC to “carefully consider” the potential impact of the proposed changes for certain television stations.

Read the NAB’s latest comments here.

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