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Radio Systems Turns a Business Page

Company discontinues manufacturing of its current lineup; adds Lawo representation

Business changes are in the works at radio equipment manufacturer Radio Systems Inc.

Industry engineers had spotted an announcement on the company’s website that states “Stay Tuned for New Radio Systems Products and Services Coming Soon,” and they speculated about its meaning in discussions on social media and listservs.

Radio World reached out to its president, Dan Braverman.

He said Radio Systems has begun a new relationship as Lawo’s exclusive sales representative to the radio broadcast industry in the United States. Meanwhile his company has discontinued manufacturing its existing product line due to the termination of a licensing agreement with its tech developer. He declined to provide details.

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Lawo AG, based in Germany, makes networking, audio, video and control technologies for several markets including broadcast. Radio Systems is based in New Jersey near Philadelphia; its offerings are led by the StudioHub+ Cat-5 wiring product line and Millenium studio consoles.

Lawo Radio Product Manager Mike Dosch confirmed the outline of the relationship and said that the company was pleased to have Braverman representing it. He said Lawo’s products seem a good fit as a new anchor around which Radio Systems would become a reseller again and build in a new direction.

Radio Systems over the decades has made several console lines and shipped approximately 6,000 units. Other products have included distribution amplifiers and preamps, clocks and timers, cart and DAT machines, low-power AM transmitters and studio accessories. The company also has been involved in a number of major industry facility projects and turnkey installations.

Braverman said most Radio Systems dealers continue to have its products in stock. A dealer list is found on the website. He said the company will continue to support its legacy products with service and parts, and that most employees will remain on staff in its new iteration.

He added that Radio Systems had made its first Lawo package sale, to Connoisseur Media in Connecticut.

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