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Rosenworcel Names Members to Revamped Advisory Group

CSRIC VIII will be co-chaired by representatives of CISA and Verizon

Jessica RosenworcelThe acting chairwoman of the FCC has said she wants to “revitalize” a key advisory panel, and now she has named its members.

Jessica Rosenworcel appointed members to the Communications Security, Reliability, and Interoperability Council. CSRIC is a federal advisory committee that provides recommendations to the FCC to improve the security, reliability and interoperability of the nation’s communications systems.

[“Rosenworcel Wants to ‘Revitalize’ CSRIC]

Rosenworcel described the council as “one of the nation’s most impactful cybersecurity partnerships” but said that in recent years “this public-private collaboration has faced criticism that its membership gave private companies an outsized voice. Today, we take steps to right that ship.”

She said the restructured group adds federal expertise, public interest participation and diversity, and that it would focus on 5G network security and reliability.

The group is called CSRIC VIII because this is the eighth iteration of the council. The first meeting will be Sept. 22 in a virtual format.

Rosenworcel said the group will be co-chaired by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, part of the Department of Homeland Security. CISA leads a coordinated effort to enhance the security and reliability of cybersecurity and communications infrastructure. She noted that CISA recently co-authored a report on potential threat vectors to 5G infrastructure.

“I am also pleased to report that the membership of CSRIC VIII will reflect more participation from the public interest community than any other CSRIC to date.  This means that the public and consumers also will have a voice on issues that ultimately affect their safety and security.”

The co-chairs will be Billy Bob Brown, Jr., executive assistant director for emergency communications at CISA, and Nasrin Rezai, senior vice president & chief information security officer of Verizon Communications.

Below is a list of members; an asterisk after a name means the member represents the entity listed after their name on CSRIC.


Brandon Abley, Director of Technology, National Emergency Number Association

Rob Alderfer, Vice President, Technology Policy, Charter Communications

Colin B. Andrews, Senior Director, Government Affairs, Telecommunications Industry Association

Mark Annas, Emergency Services Administrator, City of Riverside Fire Department, Office of Emergency Management

Mike Barnes, Product Security Officer & Quality Leader, Mavenir

Michael Bergman, Vice President, Technology and Standards, Consumer Technology Association

Donna Bethea-Murphy, Senior Vice President, Global Regulatory Affairs, Inmarsat

Shirley Bloomfield, Chief Executive Officer, NTCA-The Rural Broadband Association

Mary A. Boyd, Vice President, Government Regulatory Affairs, Intrado

Wade Buckner, Chief, City of Southside Fire & Rescue*, International Association of Fire Chiefs

Brian K. Daly, Assistant Vice President, AT&T, Inc.

Marla Dowell, Director, Communications Technology Laboratory, National Institute of Standards and Technology

Andrew L. Drozd, President & Chief Scientist, ANDRO Computational Solutions

Katherine Elkins, Emergency Medical Services Specialist, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, U.S. Department of Transportation

Harold Feld, Senior Vice President, Public Knowledge

Craig Fugate, Chief Emergency Management Officer, America’s Public Television Stations

Micaela Giuhat, Director, 5G Policy and External Engagement, Microsoft Corporation

Dana Golub, Vice President, Technology Business Operations, Public Broadcasting Service

Stephen Hayes, Director, North American Standards, Ericsson

Mark Hess, Senior Vice President, Business and Industry Affairs, Comcast Corporation

Rittwik Jana, Chief Architect of Radio Access Network, VMWare, Inc.

Antwane Johnson, Deputy Assistant Administrator (Acting), National Continuity Programs & Director, Integrated Public Alert and Warning System, Federal Emergency Management Agency, U. S. Department of Homeland Security

Everett Kaneshige, Statewide Interoperability Coordinator, National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors

Javed Khan, Director, 5G Product Management, Altiostar Networks

Farrokh Khatibi, Director, Technical Standards, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

Jason Lish, Chief Security Officer, Lumen Technologies, Inc.

Jennifer Manner, Senior Vice President, Regulatory Affairs, Hughes Communications

Maureen C. Mclaughlin, Vice President, Public Policy, Iridium*, Satellite Industry Association

Danny McPherson, Executive Vice President & Chief Security Officer, Verisign, Inc.

William Mikucki, Vice President, Technical Operations, Safety and Securities Technologies, Comtech Telecommunications Corp.

Susan Miller, President & CEO, Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions

Derek Peterson, Co-Director, Wireless Broadband Alliance

Krisztina Pusok, Director, Policy and Research, American Consumer Institute

Mark Reddish, Senior Counsel & Manager, Government Relations, Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials

Travis Reutter, Director, Network Management, Metronet*, ACA Connects- America’s Communications Association

John Roese, Global Chief Technology Officer, Dell Technologies

Travis Russell, Head, Cybersecurity Office, Oracle Communications

Francisco Sánchez, Jr., Deputy Emergency Management Coordinator, Harris County Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Management

Tom Sawanobori, Senior Vice President & Chief Technology Officer, CTIA

Tim Schram, Commissioner, Nebraska Public Service Commission*, National Association of Regulatory Utility Commission

Sean Scott, Chief Executive Officer & Chief Technology Officer, SecuLore Solutions

Paul Steinberg, Senior Vice President, Technology, Motorola Solutions

Peter Tomczak, Program Manager, Spectrum Coordination and Clearance, FirstNet Authority

Claire Vishik, Intel Fellow & Chief Technology Officer, Global Government Affairs, Intel

Steve Watkins, Executive Director, Strategic Technology Policy, Cox Communications

George Woodward, President & CEO of Trilogy Networks*, Rural Wireless Association

Henry Young, Director, Policy, BSA | The Software Alliance

Timothy Youngblood, Senior Vice President, Chief Security Officer, & Product Security Officer, T-Mobile