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Sixteen More NCE Applicants Get Tentative FCC Nod

The Media Bureau is working its way through 231 mutually exclusive groups

The FCC has named another 16 tentative winners of construction permits for new noncom educational FM stations. 

The Media Bureau has been working its way through the 231 groups of two or more mutually exclusive applications that it received in its recent filing window for new NCE stations. 

In this batch, most of the groupings involved four or five mutually exclusive applications.

Group 8A: Eufaula Christian Radio proposes to serve Cuthbert, Ga.

Group 9: National Association for the Prevention of Starvation proposes to serve Elkmont, Ala.

Group 15: Full Potential Ministry proposes to serve Dover, Ark.

Group 23: Cheyenne Broadcasting Foundation, Inc. (CBFI) proposes to serve Wilhoit, Ariz.

Group 24: Ondas de Vida, Inc. proposes to serve Dewey-Humboldt, Ariz.

Group 38: Ondas de Vida, Inc. proposes to serve Silver Lakes, Calif.

Group 39:  Modesto Independent Media proposes to serve Los Banos, Calif.

Group 40: La Nueva Broadcasting, Inc. proposes to serve Joshua Tree, Calif.

Group 57: Ethree Group, Inc. proposes to serve Cypress Quarters, Fla.

Group 69: Legacy Broadcasting proposes to serve Blairsville, Ga.

Group 78: Fairmont Area Catholic Radio proposes to serve Fairmont, Minn.

Group 130: Full Potential Ministry proposes to serve Coahoma, Miss.

Group 135: Church Planters of America proposes to serve Hoffman, N.C.

Group 176: Saint Francis Xavier Church proposes to serve Carrier, Okla. 

Group 204: Brazos Tv, Inc. proposes to serve Hamlin, Texas

Group 224: Araiza Revival Ministries, Inc. proposes to serve Glenville, W.Va.

(The FCC order contains a detailed discussion of how it arrived at those tentative selections.)

Now follows a 30-day period to allow petitions to deny. If there are none, the FCC grants the application. 

In the recent window, the commission received almost 1,300 applications. Out of those, there were 231 MX groups involving a total of 883 applications. 

In early March the FCC named 15 tentative recipients of other MX groups, and in late March an additional 19.

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