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Triton Signs Masima Radio Network

Indonesia network includes popular Prambors

Prambors, Masimo Radio Network, Triton DigitalFrom our Who’s Buying What page: Triton Digital announced that Masima Radio Network, the largest radio network in Indonesia with 18 stations, has selected it for streaming and podcast services including delivery, monetization and measurement.

The brands of Masima Radio Network include Prambors, Delta, Bahana and Female Radio. Triton Digital has been acquired by iHeartMedia in a deal that was finalized this week.

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“Through this partnership, Masima Radio Network will utilize Triton’s audio streaming network for the delivery of its podcasts and commercial radio online,” the organizations said.

“In addition, Masima Radio Network will use Triton’s ad server to insert targeted audio ads into their content, as well as Triton’s audio advertising technology to monetize their inventory through both open and private marketplace deals.” Masima also will measure their listening audiences using Triton’s Webcast Metrics and Podcast Metrics measurement services and use Triton’s podcast platform, Omny Studio.

The announcement was made by Fitzgerald Salendu, digital content manager at Masima Radio Network, and Benjamin Masse, managing director, market development and strategy at Triton Digital.


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