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BW Broadcast Releases v1.5.1 for V2

Features include improved alarms and trigger interface, RF power scheduler

BW Broadcast has released v1.5.1 for its V2 transmitter range.

According to the company, the update allows users to easily interface the transmitter to third party remote control and telemetry systems thanks to the revamped alarms and trigger function. Operators can now also assign analog output voltages to back panel pins and benefit from user-adjustable transmitter parameters and readings, including forward power and modulation levels.

Other updates include an enhanced interface featuring additional context sensitive displays and a built-in RF power scheduler, which the firm says, enables RF power to decrease during the night or at other selected hours so as to reduce operating costs.

Additional benefits, explains the company, include a new interface for mobile devices, which permits users to setup, control and monitor via an Apple iPhone and a host of features designed to increase performance and stability.

V1.5.1 firmware update is available now.