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California Traffic on the Radio

KNX(AM) to take day-long look at SoCal gridlock

Everyone’s heard the jokes about Southern California’s legendary traffic problems and, well, eh, can anything really be done?

CBS Los Angeles radio station KNX(AM) is at least going to approach the issue in a series of reports on March 27 — “Driven to Gridlock: L.A.’s Never-Ending Sig Alert.” Featuring 26 reports, running almost all day, 5 a.m.–7 p.m., Co-Producer Charles Feldman explains, “We’ll be looking in-depth at the countless ideas that have been tried over more than a century and the radical proposals that are currently under consideration … But the biggest question we’ll try to answer is whether anything will significantly alleviate the most important local issue faced by Southern Californians.”

Eight KNX reporters spoke with a variety of officials at several governmental levels along with experts and concerned groups.

Podcasts and additional material can be found at the associated Driven to Gridlock website.