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Call to Regularize Station Abbreviations

Vietnamese broadcasters look for guidance in improving station branding

During the 29th Television Festival in Hanoi, Vietnamese broadcasters have called for an examination of television and radio station branding, particularly the use of acronyms as a short form of identification for stations.

Participants called for the government to help standardize station names and acronyms.

For example, participants cited confusion as to when the acronym should emphasize radio operations or television operations. Ðài Phát thanh và Truy?n hình H?i Phòng, for example, uses THP while Ðài Phát thanh và Truy?n hình Qu?ng Ngãi uses PTQ. Ðài Phát thanh và Truy?n hình Qu?ng Nam uses QRT, with the “RT” standing for the English “radio and television.”

An additional problem is that multiple stations have ended up using the same acronyms. For example, HTV is used by radio and television operators in H? Chí Minh City, Hanoi and Hà Tinh, and BTV could mean stations in B?c Ninh, Bình Thu?n or Bình Duong.

The stations are concerned about brand confusion and improving the ability of stations to increase clarity for listeners and to improve brand recognition.