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CEA President/CEO Gary Shapiro said of the PPW study:
“As the leading association representing the consumer technology industry, CEA is ready to work with the new Department of Homeland Security as it considers the Partnership for Public Warning’s recommendations for a national all-hazards warning system.
“High-tech devices and services will be an important part of a unified, all-hazards public warning system. While officials consider various ways to disseminate warnings and information about threats to public safety and national security, we share the Partnership’s belief that private industry will develop dissemination systems as market-driven ventures.
“The study discusses the NOAA Weather Radio system as one example of a national alert network that depends on successful government-industry partnership. This year, CEA initiated market research to assess consumer interest in all-hazards weather radio products and we are highlighting this category with a pavilion at the upcoming 2003 International CES.