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Orban to Support RCS’ Cloud-based Data Recovery Tool

Disaster Recovery automatically backs up a station’s content in case of emergency

Orban has partnered with RCS to provide audio processing for the software company’s Disaster Recovery, a Zetta automation feature.

According to RCS’ website, Disaster Recovery automatically backs up and uploads a station’s content to the cloud. In cases of emergency, the feature is designed to “get broadcasters back on-air, easily, efficiently and quickly.”

Orban and RCS are both providers; this announcement means a broadcast user of RCS DR can opt to also use the Orban processing.

Orban’s Optimod zStreams processing will run alongside the cloud-based Disaster Recovery tools to backup all audio, schedules and metadata. RCS is offering this as a “processing as a service” option, the two companies said.

When a station is ready to return to its normal, live output, RCS Disaster Recovery restores all of the original data. The Optimod zStreams processor is also cloud-based.

zStreams image (photo via Orban)

“Our launch customer for Optimod zStreams needed hundreds of Orban processing channels to be integrated within the RCS Disaster Recovery platform,” said David Day, Orban’s president, in the announcement. “We already had a strong cloud-based processing platform, Opticloud, and we welcomed the opportunity to adapt it to provide the latest in audio processing for RCS.”

RCS President and CEO Philippe Generali said, “Partnering provides an easy pathway for our customers to access high quality sound demanded from today’s audience.”

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