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CEA, Public Knowledge Praise IBOC Notice

CEA, Public Knowledge Praise IBOC Notice

The FCC has also issued a separate Notice of Inquiry seeking comment on content control for digital radio in regards to the consumer’s ability to record off their radio. The Recording Industry Association of America has raised the so-called “broadcast flag” issue for digital radio. The Consumer Electronics Association was pleased the agency restricted such discussions to a Notice of Inquiry, and did not include it in its Further Notice for digital radio (see above.)
“We look forward to working with the Commission through the NOI to closely examine this issue. We strongly hope and believe that the FCC will reject the RIAA’s efforts to restrict the noncommercial home recording of digital radio broadcasts,” said CEA in a statement.
Public Knowledge chimed in with CEA on the broadcast flag issue for radio. Spokesman Mike Goodwin said, “We are certain that a fair and balanced
examination of the facts will come to the same conclusion as Media Bureau Chief Ken Ferree did on January 30 – that there is no need for the commission to act further on this issue.
The group disputes RIAA’s concept that a radio flag would result in a “buy button” on every radio, which consumers would have to use every time they want to record a song.