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Celebratory Quiz at Neumann Site

Also, Gefell Edition honors Georg.

As part of its 80th anniversary celebration, German microphone manufacturer Neumann has set up a music history quiz on its Web site.

Visitors to the Neumann Web site can test their knowledge of the history of music, with the opportunity to win one of three new TLM 67 microphones.

Separately, Microtech Gefell is honoring Georg Neumann, the man responsible for its creation, with a limited edition of two classic microphones.

The specially produced M 990 art and M 930 art will be available until March 2009 and mark the 80th anniversary of the founding of Georg Neumann & Co in Berlin in 1928.

In 1943, Neumann relocated his company to the town of Gefell in eastern Germany, which was considered safer than Berlin, a target for bombing raids during World War II. In 1972, the East German government nationalized the company under the name VEB Mikrofontechnik Gefell.

In 1990, with the reunification of Germany, Microtech Gefell began to set up its own worldwide distribution network.

The M 990 art is a tube microphone with a high-performance output transformer and PVC-membrane capsule. The transformerless M 930 art is a solid-state microphone that has the same capsule as the original M 930. Both editions have bronze bodies with pearl/gold-plated rings.