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Orban and Super Hi-Fi Introduce an “All-in-One” Optimod

New version of the 5950 is a “transmitter-based cloud playout appliance”

Orban and Super Hi-Fi jointly announced the latest addition to the Optimod product line. 

They’re describing the Optimod 5950 Super Hi-Fi Edition as “an all-in-one transmitter-based cloud playout appliance.” It combines Orban audio processing and Super Hi-Fi’s AI-powered programming as well as the recently introduced HLS+ delivery technology.

They call this “an all-in-one appliance designed to replace racks of playout equipment, audio processing, PPM encoding and metadata servers in a single 1U rackspace,” adding that it is intended to help radio stations simplify their tech stacks.

The box works with HLS+ so stations can deliver broadcasts and accurate metadata along with interactive, personalized versions of those same broadcasts through mobile apps, smart speaker integrations and web clients.

Optimod 5950: Super Hi-Fi Edition

HLS+ is a new streaming technology from Super Hi-Fi, introduced a few weeks ago. Audacy’s 700+ online stations are in the process of integrating it.

“As radio companies look to reduce the complexity of their ecosystem, they’re going to require fully integrated solutions that replace decades of legacy hardware,” said Super Hi-Fi CEO Zack Zalon in the announcement.

In Super Hi-Fi’s vision, “Radio companies can program, image, voice track and broadcast their stations from a web browser using Super Hi-Fi’s Program Director, deliver it to the transmitter and other digital endpoints using Super Hi-Fi’s HLS+ streaming technology, and play it out at the transmitter site with incredible fidelity and control, apply best-in-class PPM encoding and enable high-quality metadata output.”

Orban President David Day said, “Together with Super Hi-Fi, we’re building a 100% cloud-based system with reliable and robust playout, right at the transmitter site … No more automation systems, no more dedicated PCs, no more closets full of rack-mounted gear.”

Also on Thursday, Super Hi-Fi announced StreamPlayer 1, a transmitter-based cloud-playout device for FM, HD Radio, and DAB/DAB+ broadcasts that costs $799.

“With its seamless integration with Super Hi-Fi’s HLS+ streaming technology and robust features, StreamPlayer 1 ensures high quality uninterrupted broadcasting, even in the event of internet outages.” 

This box was developed in partnership with Barix. Super Hi-Fi calls StreamPlayer 1 “a reliable, cost-effective way to receive and broadcast Super Hi-Fi’s HLS+ cloud-based station streams directly at the transmitter, while automatically generating and storing backup programming to keep stations on the air.” In the event of internet outages, StreamPlayer 1 broadcasts a fully produced fallback program.

Super Hi-Fi StreamPlayer1

“StreamPlayer 1, coupled with Super Hi-Fi’s Program Director, offers the simplest way to manage a high-quality broadcast operation from anywhere,” the company said.

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