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‘Certification Corner’ Articles Are Now Online

Radio World series by Buc Fitch helps you get in the test-taking frame of mind.

Certification by the Society of Broadcast Engineers is the mark of professionalism in broadcast engineering. To help you get in the certification exam frame of mind, Radio World Engineering Extra, which is published six times a year, poses a typical question in each edition and discusses the answers.

Now these columns are archived at Find them via the Certification Corner tab in the left margin.

Although similar in style and content to exam questions, these are not from past exams nor will they be on future exams in this exact form. Long-time contributor Charles “Buc” Fitch, a highly certified engineer himself, authors the articles.

(If you haven’t read these yet, we suggest you start with the last item on the page and work up, as the articles are presented with the most recent first.)