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CES: Pandora Seeks Splash in Vegas

Announcements made for listenership, corporate partnerships

Internet-delivered music purveyor Pandora came to the CES show loaded for bear with a series of announcements. The latest from the company includes new listenership numbers and a string of automotive partnerships.

On the listening front, Pandora pushed a Triton Digital study (PDF) describing Pandora as the dominant Internet audio service with 68% of the market. It also determined that the average Pandora listener, measured at 125 million of them, was listening 18 hours per week to Pandora.

On the automobile front, Pandora announced partnerships with Acura and Kia. Both manufacturers will be including Pandora access in upcoming models.

According to Pandora, that brings the number of auto makers that have partnered with the company to 23.

Another partnership announced was with Audiovox, a maker of aftermarket car entertainment systems. The company will make Pandora available on products from its Advent and Jensen lines.

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