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CES Plans ‘Access on the Go TechZone’

Mobile media madness, present and future are a focus in January

The CES in Las Vegas every January is famous for being a gadget-lovers paradise. Few things get the modern gadgetophile going more than the concept of mobile media.

To take advantage of that tidal wave, the CEA has planned the “Access on the Go TechZone” for showing the latest in mobile media technologies and concepts for mobile phones, smartphones, netbooks, tablet PCs, e-books, etc.

CEA Senior Vice President, Events and Conferences Karen Chupka said the idea is to “showcase devices that are defining, enabling and changing the way content is accessed and viewed.”

On the menu are music, movies, TV programs, books, magazines and any content that can be digitized and delivered to a mobile platform, in addition to the methods and evolving standards of that digitization and delivery.

CES plans other TechZones for connect home appliances, electric vehicles, fitness technologies, location-based services, “Sustainable Planet” and an “iLounge Pavilion.”