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Clarke Liable for $6,000 in Power Violations

Clarke Liable for $6,000 in Power Violations

The FCC fined Clarke Broadcasting Corp., former licensee of KTIQ(AM) in Merced, Calif., $6,000 for failing to provide adequate transmitter control and to maintain authorized power. In 2001, the FCC investigated a complaint that the station, formerly KAXW, was interfering with another station because it wasn’t lowering power after sunset.
During an inspection, the agents found the output of KTIQ was between 87% and 122% of the authorized level and agents confirmed the power was not being reduced after sunset. Inspectors figured out that KTIQ’s remote control system was not programmed to alert the operator when the station’s frequency was out of tolerance and was not calibrated to provide accurate indications of the antenna input power.
Clarke did not dispute the violations but asked that the fine be reduced or cancelled based on a past good compliance record. Originally, the fine was $7,000, but the agency knocked off $1,000 because Clarke replaced the chief operator. Payment is due within 30 days.