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Cleanfeed Adds Podcast Features to Broadcast Service

Multiparty sessions and built-in recording now available

Audio recordings over the web is the name of the game for the Cleanfeed service, and its recently announced new features look to expand its broadcast capabilities. Able to be used via a traditional URL for a two-way audio link, Cleanfeed now adds multiparty sessions and built-in recording for users.

The new multiparty connections from Cleanfeed allow multiple parties in the same session in a package designed for professional broadcast use. Cleanfeed handles all the routing and provides the studio with full control on who can be heard.

The service’s new recording feature is designed for podcasters and reporters. Users can connect and record a remote interview through a standard PC and a microphone. A multi-track option is also available to record local and remote parties on separate tracks.

Cleanfeed is a free service, with an “Enterprise” service available for larger organizations. Users can sign up for Cleanfeed at