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College Radio Day Aims to Raise Awareness of Undergrad Broadcasters

Celebration also intended as fundraising opportunity

World College Radio Day returns worldwide on Oct. 1.

As part of this year’s celebration, College Radio Day Records is also promoting its indiegogo campaign for College Radio Day: The Album Volume 2, which will be distributed to college radio stations Nov. 12.

World College Radio Day Founder Rob Quicke, General Manager of WPSC(FM) at William Paterson University, intended the event to bring awareness to special contributions of college and high school radio.

“The organizers of College Radio Day believe that college radio is one of the last remaining bastions of creative radio programming, free from the constrictions of having to be commercially viable, and a place where those involved in its programming believe passionately in its mission,” according to the organization’s website.

In the United States, all 50 states, plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, have participating stations. Internationally, 38 countries on all the inhabited continents plan to also participate.

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