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Consolidation Helps Program Development, Katz Finds

Consolidation Helps Program Development, Katz Finds

Radio is keeping up with changing demographics and lifestyles. So says Lisa Chiljean of The Katz Media Group in the fall National Format Averages.
“The study strongly suggests that a greater number of ethnic formats are now the top formats in popular markets,” she said. The company wrote that shifts in demographics have affected radio programming and formats, as has ownership consolidation.
“Contrary to the beliefs of some, the evidence suggests that common ownership has actually helped accelerate the pace of program development …. “Prior to duopoly, when owners could control only one station on each band in a specific market, stations had to be programmed to appeal to the widest possible audience. As a result, many competitors sounded alike as they battled for the biggest share,” Katz wrote.
“Common ownership and cluster selling has made it possible to target different audience with each station, or to point each station toward different segments of a broader audience or format. The Katz National Format Averages clearly show that new, more targeted formats have appeared since duopoly took effect.”

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