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CPB Increase Grants for Hurricane-Affected Noncoms

CPB Increase Grants for Hurricane-Affected Noncoms

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting will provide another $500,000 in assistance to public radio and television stations in the areas affected by Hurricane Katrina.
The additional funds bring the total of CPB’s emergency assistance to stations in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama to more than $1 million.
CPB has made 23 grants totaling $582,000 to public stations there. The money has helped fund payroll at New Orleans radio and TV stations, fuel for generators, repair or replacement of equipment, costs of expanded news coverage and distribution of DVDs and books to children in shelters in Mississippi.
CPB said U.S. public broadcasters are helping colleagues by providing gear, professional assistance and fundraising support. Stations are providing information to evacuees and working with relief agencies to inform the public about how to help.
Additionally, CPB is seeking emergency supplemental funding from the government to help stations meet what it terms “extraordinary needs with what are likely to be sharply reduced revenues.”

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