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CPB Provides Emergency Station Funds for Stations Affected by Hurricane Katrina

CPB Provides Emergency Station Funds for Stations Affected by Hurricane Katrina

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting will distribute a total of $500,000 in grants to noncommercial stations devastated by Hurricane Katrina. The CPB funds are to help stations address their critical needs such as diesel fuel to power generators. These funds will be available immediately.
CPB says a number of stations in the affected areas are off the air with significant equipment damage. Other stations are relying on back-up diesel power and will soon face fuel shortages and lack of replenishment sources. Even stations that avoided equipment failures are incurring extraordinary expenses to provide local news coverage and public safety information.
Numerous public broadcasting stations around the country are pitching in to help their colleagues with equipment, professional assistance, and offers of fundraising support. Stations are also providing information to evacuees and working with relief agencies to inform the public about where to donate and how to help, said CPB.
“We have been following closely developments of the last two days in the hurricane ravaged areas and our hearts go out to station employees and their families who have suffered personal hardship,” said CPB President/CEO Pat Harrison. “We are aware of their losses and the challenges they face to maintain the critical services upon which our viewers and listeners depend,” she continued.
CPB will work with other public broadcasting organizations over the coming weeks and months to support stations’ efforts to restore their facilities to full operation.