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Crawford Engineers Have New Online Forum

Crawford Engineers Have New Online Forum

Engineers at Crawford Broadcasting Corp. have a new tool to keep up with their colleagues. The radio company’s Engineering Forum is an Internet discussion group that helps members share ideas and tips. It kicked off on July 25.
Coordinator Edward C. Dulaney, chief engineer for the group in the Colorado region, said non-CBC engineers can request to participate.
“I ask that anyone who wishes to participate, outside of the CBC community, send me an e-mail after they register on the system telling me their reason for wanting to participate. We have invited a number of industry leaders to actively participate with us, and hope to see that number grow.”
Dulaney originally started the forums as a way to test a Web server, he told Radio World.
“I needed something that would exercise the PHP scripts and access an SQL database. I knew that the software for the forums would do just that, so I installed it. After the initial tests were done I decided to keep the forums active, and turn them into something productive for the CBC community. So what began as a simple way to benchmark our server has turned into a full-blown engineering discussion group.
“We used to use a Linux maillist manager, but it was too hard to administrate. This makes the administration and dissemination of information
much easier and more reliable.”
The forum software is called phpBB. Crawford is using version 2.0.5 of the software, which is free for anyone to download at

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