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D&M Holdings Completes Acquisition of Boston Acoustics

D&M Holdings Completes Acquisition of Boston Acoustics

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One of the makers of the early IBOC radios to include multicasting capability, Boston Acoustics, has been acquired by D&M Holdings, parent company to the Denon, Marantz and other brands of consumer electronics. The terms and purchase price were not released.
According to D&M, the purchase closed after approval by Boston Acoustics shareholders and D&M intends to retain the Boston Acoustics brand name. As to why the deal makes sense, D&M cited co-marketing potential between brands. The company also indicated its global sales department should deliver a boost to sales of all the brands and that Boston Acoustics access to automotive OEM customers provides sales possibilities for all of its brands.
In confirming the deal to RW Online, a Boston Acoustics spokesman said the transaction is not changing or holding up development and production plans for the Recepter Radio HD, now set for an October delivery to stores.