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Delphi ‘XM Roady,’ Smaller Antenna, Coming This Fall

Delphi 'XM Roady,' Smaller Antenna, Coming This Fall

In mid-September; Delphi expects to release the ‘XM Roady.’ The unit has a list price of $120, which XM and Delphi claim is the lowest-cost satellite radio so far. The Roady is designed to appeal to young people, 18-26 year-olds. The companies say it’s easy to install without professional help and the user can customize the receiver with seven different back-lit color displays and three interchangeable faceplates. Roady also includes “Tune Select” – built in software that alerts the listener to favorite songs playing on any XM channel.
XM also plans to introduce a new, small antenna this fall. The XM Micro Antenna will be included with all new XM products (including Roady) in the third quarter.