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Dial Report Launches, Promising Deeper Insights

TagStation offering is aimed at advertisers and based in part on NextRadio user data

Emmis-owned TagStation has now launched its Dial Report, a tool that it believes will give radio advertisers and agencies greater and speedier insights into listener behaviors.

This is a product made possible in part by the “hybrid” nature of the company’s NextRadio app, which combines over-the-air listening to local FM signals with internet connectivity. Dial Report — using data from a variety of sources, but notably NextRadio users — has been in the works for a while, as Radio World has reported. The company said the platform now is supporting “major national campaigns” for large brands in sectors including home improvement, retail and telecommunications.

Paul Brenner, president of TagStation, says in an announcement that the offering “reveals fresh intelligence to help brands optimize the medium’s potential and defend the ROI of radio.” The company markets this as “the first radio data management platform to accumulate and measure over 250 demographic, behavioral and listening data points in near-real time,” and says the tool will allow brands and ad agencies to draw insights about FM radio audiences.

“Traditionally, radio had not ventured far beyond basic demographic information about its audiences,” it says, while the Dial Report collects “first-party” station advertising data as well as smartphone user data such as listener location, store traffic, exposure, listening/listener engagement and audience behaviors. “It displays intelligence metrics in a dynamic dashboard that can be used to quickly identify top radio formats, days, dayparts, stations, markets and trends,” according to the announcement.

Brenner said the report can help advertisers target audiences by age, gender, ethnicity, education, income, purchase intent and other parameters. Brands can search and segment listeners using up to six attributes at once, identifying “hyper-specific” audiences for campaigns with precision.