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Dielectric Outlines Orders for Saga, Cumulus

Dielectric Outlines Orders for Saga, Cumulus

Also from the Who’s Buying What page of Radio World:
Dielectric Communications said it provided a tower and antenna system to the Portland Radio Group, part of Saga Communications, to replace WGAN(AM)’s structure and provide more capacity for WYNZ(FM), one of two stations briefly knocked out with the collapse of their tower last December.
At WMGX(FM), the second station on the old tower, Dielectric supplied an antenna and Flexline cable to bring broadcasts at a low-power site up to the station’s 50 kW.
The new structure is a 362-foot-tall guyed tower on an insulated base. It is 33 inches wide tapering to a narrower 24-inch section at the top, where the antenna is mounted on a pivot that allows it to be rotated. The new tower is in the middle of an AM directional antenna array and works as an AM radiator as well.
Andrew Armstrong is chief engineer for the Portland Radio Group.
Separately, Dielectric said last week that Cumulus Media bought a turnkey tower and transmission system for KVST(FM) in the Houston market.
Cumulus has the OK to upgrade the 15 kW station to a 100 kW facility. Dielectric is supplying two redundant systems, each with a 10-bay DCR-M FM antenna. The tower height will be 2,000 feet from the tower base to the top of the lightning arrestor. Dielectric 4-1/16-inch coaxial transmission lines will carry power from the transmitter.
The facility includes motorized coaxial switches, dehydrator systems, Flash Technologies high-intensity strobe lighting, monitoring component and monitoring services.