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Digigram Cards Chosen by ATC Labs

Integration with ATC processing and streaming products

Audio network equipment and sound card specialist Digigram has announced that it will be supplying ATC Labs, a maker of codecs and audio processors, with sound cards from its lineup.

The cards to be used by ATC are Digigram’s VX222e (shown) and VX222HR cards and UAX220v2 USB interface. They will be used in ATC’s Perceptual SoundMax hardware processors and ALCO Blue rackmount codecs.

ATC Labs CEO Dr. Deepen Sinha said, “The Digigram cards, when optimally combined with [our] core expertise in audio processing and compression, enable us to supply emerging and expanding markets, such as the exploding radio broadcast market in India and the rapidly growing community and college broadcast market here in the United States, with robust yet affordable products that enable users to do more with less.”