Digigram Pyko Visits the Grand Canyon

Key component for traffic/information service at national park
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Digigram Pyko IP codecs are being used as satellite-fed information conduits in the Grand Canyon Highway Advisory Satellite Radio System.

Placed aboard solar-powered mobile transmission/signage units provided by the InfoGuys Satellite Radio Network, the Pykos allow for monitoring and updating of the systems and their messages by park personnel.

A custom user interface was created by Digigram’s U.S. distributor Point Source Audio and InfoGuys for use by Grand Canyon personnel over the Internet.

The system provides traffic, parking, shuttle, event and emergency information to visitors via mobile solar-powered transmission/signage units placed strategically throughout the park.

By using solar power and a satellite-delivered signal, the units are independent of electrical and signal cables.


Digigram Launches ES Variant

Dubbed ES-100/spkr, the solution provides manufacturers with a cost-effective way of implementing EtherSound control and management functionalities in new devices that do not require comprehensive ES-100 or ES-Giga systems.