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Digigram Releases Products Prior to Rescheduled AES

Digigram Releases Products Prior to Rescheduled AES

Set to release products simultaneously at the AES show and IBC in Amsterdam, Digigram went ahead with its plans rather than embargo products until the delayed AES can be held in New York at the end of November.

The company’s releases include EtherSpeaker V1.0, which creates audio networks using Ethernet cabling and components, and miXart8CN, a CobraNet I/O module for the miXart8 soundcard.

EtherSpeaker connects a digital audio source to speakers. Up to 32 channels of 24-bit digital audio, plus control information, can be transported to any number of speakers. Networked speakers may be daisy-chained; modules can be up to 100 meters apart with no limitation on the distance between the first and last modules in the chain.

Digigram’s miXart8CN combines onboard processing with audio mixing functions. When connected to third-party CobraNet-compliant devices. miXart8CN is the foundation of audio systems distributed over large area networks. The CobraNet interface is managed via a daughterboard, yet only a single PCI slot is needed in the host computer.