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“Dot-Radio” — The EBU Responds

Says purpose of the domain would be to preserve the public interest and ensure all future .radio domain names are related to radio

In the going dispute over who will win the right to manage the “dot-radio” domain, the European Broadcasting Union, poised as the favorite, says that “some confusion has resulted from press releases issued by BRS,” one of three other applicants for the .radio TLD.

Moreover, it points out that “the Reconsideration Request jointly submitted by these three applicants to ICANN is based on fundamental misconceptions regarding both the Radio Community and Internet governance.”

The purpose of the .radio TLD as proposed by the EBU is to preserve the public interest and ensure all future .radio domain names are related to radio, says the union, whether it is a Web radio, FM radio, radio amateur or radio journalist.

As regards the role of CORE as registry service provider, which some have criticized, the EBU explains that it is limited to technical aspects of registry operations. “All the governance and the administrative part will be managed by the EBU, and the other main radio organizations will participate in a governance board. Relying on an external registry service provider is standard practice in the context of new gTLDs: virtually all community-based TLD operators do so.”

It also emphasizes that CORE is “well-suited for the needs of the .radio TLD because CORE specialized in services for community-based TLDs.”

As far as the reconsideration request is concerned, it is technically a procedure by the three non-community-based applicants against ICANN, it said. “The radio community is affected by the procedure so the EBU and other community organizations may submit input to the ICANN Board Governance Committee.”

Why We Asked ICANN to Reconsider on Dot-Radio

— Marguerite Clark