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Drawmer Has Noise Filter

Drawmer Has Noise Filter

Drawmer is shipping a new two-channel, single-ended noise filter, the DF330. It uses three single-ended audio processes, reducing high-frequency noise, low-frequency rumble and broadband background noise during momentary silences in program. Brad Lunde, president of Transamerica Audio Group, stated, “The DF330 is designed as a low-cost package to extract good audio from what would otherwise be unusable or of very low quality.” The unit has an overall bypass switch, rumble filter bypass, separate expander bypass and variable filter bypass, plus a stereo link switch. I/Os are -10 (1/4-inch unbalanced) and +4 (XLR balanced) so outputs from -10 tape machines can be de-noised and converted to +4. Retail price is $1,099. Info: