DRM is All Over NAB2004

DRM is All Over NAB2004
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Again this year, Digital Radio Mondiale's Technical Committee Chairman Donald Messer, director, spectrum management division, DRM member IBB/Voice of America, is speaking about the digital technology for shortwave/medium-wave/AM and Longwave at NAB 2004 during the Broadcast Engineering Conference on Monday, April 19. Messer's presentation, called "DRM in the AM Band," is scheduled for 10:30 a.m. in the Las Vegas Convention Center, Room N110. The DRM session is paired with a presentation on Eureka-147 in Europe and another on "Metadata for Radio" by TokyoFM Broadcasting within a session titled "Digital Radio Transition Worldwide."
"DRM is universally standardized for short-wave, AM/medium-wave and long-wave," says Messer. "Most existing transmitters can be cost-effectively converted for DRM use."
Nearly 60 broadcasters have begun DRM transmissions.
A second-generation DRM consumer receiver, MAYAH's DRM 2010, is now available.