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DRM, Shortwave Groups Schedule May Meetings

DRM, Shortwave Groups Schedule May Meetings

Two meetings in May of importance to broadcasters…The USA Digital Radio Mondiale group meets in Washington May 5 and the National Association of Shortwave Broadcasters has its annual meeting the following day in Washington as well.
Since the recent DRM Symposium in Dallas, the U.S. DRM Group has established a Web site ( with the help of Continental Electronics. Now, members are looking to add content to their broadcasts as the FCC is now allowing DRM broadcasting on shortwave in the United States with a minimum power of 10 kW.
At the upcoming meeting, members want to hear from U.S. stations with appropriate equipment that are interested in DRM transmissions and match them with manufacturers who may be able to provide DRM equipment and technical expertise for tests. DRM proponents say that while there are five DRM transmitter sites in the Americas now, none are in this country.
Also on tap are details of recent DRM meetings in Brazil and Paris and a report on audience research that could link DRM and shortwave broadcasters based in the U.S.
The National Association of Shortwave Broadcasters annual meeting takes place in Washington on the following day, May 6. The morning session will feature a series of updates from the International Broadcast Bureau, which governs shortwave government broadcasters in the U.S., the FCC, DRM and a review of the High Frequency Co-ordination Conference in Mexico City.
Don Messer of the IBB will discuss the development of a U.S. position for the WRC-2007 regarding increased spectrum for HF broadcasters. Dr. Graham Mytton, former audience research officer at the BBC World Service will speak, courtesy of VT-Merlin Communications.
Both meetings will be held at Radio Free Asia in Washington. To register for the DRM event, contact e-mail Jeff White at [email protected]. For the NASB meeting, e-mail
Dan Elyea at: [email protected].