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‘DX Partyline’ to End

Changes in shortwave usage bring program to its finale

“DX Partyline,” a longtime shortwave program aired by HCJB Global, is coming to an end after 50 years on the shortwave band.

Fittingly, its final broadcast will be its 50th birthday broadcasts, May 28–29, 2011.

The program first aired on May 28, 1961 as an improvised filler. Its unusual and gregarious style, mimicking a “party line” telephone circuit, grew increasingly popular and secured the program a long future. Program content ranged from basic shortwave technology explained, to international shortwave news and program clips to short Gospel segments.

DX Partyline” went through several hosts over the years, though it is most closely associated with Clayton and Helen Howard, who helmed the program for more than two decades.

In the end “DX Partyline” was done in by changing technologies and changing priorities, much as old-fashioned party lines faded. In recent years HCJB has deemphasized English language broadcasting and increasingly moved away from shortwave broadcasting.

Current host Allen Graham made the announcement on his April 30/May 1 show, according to an HCJB newsletter.