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Orban Signs Up for APTmpX

Companies highlight its compatibility with Nielsen watermarks

Orban will offer APTmpX in its line of FM processors including the Optimod 5950, 5750 and Trio-FM products. 

The codec technology is licensed from WorldCast Systems, which made the announcement.

“WorldCast has rolled out the APTmpX technology on their APT Codec range and also incorporated the algorithm directly on a decoder built into their award-winning Ecreso FM AiO Series Transmitter range,” WorldCast noted.

It said APTmpX is used in hundreds of MPX STL links. It cites the “absolute transparent nature of the codec, being rooted in ADPCM as opposed to a psychoacoustic code base.

“This gives the immediate benefit of maintaining perfect sonic fidelity and precise peak control of the high-end processor from which the MPX signal has been derived.”

WorldCast Systems highlights the performance of the APTmpX reduced-bandwidth codec.

WorldCast said that APTmpX will not degrade Nielsen’s PPM watermarking technology used in the United States. 

The announcement about Orban was made by Hartmut Foerster, product manager at WorldCast Systems, and David Day, president of Orban Labs. 

Day said Orban will offer APTmpX as an option in all Orban FM processors starting later this year.

NAB Show Booths: Orban W3443 and WorldCast Systems W3449.

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