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CallerOne Now Supports Wheatstone Networks

Bionics notes decommissioning of PSTN lines

Broadcast Bionics said its CallerOne talkshow system now integrates with Wheatstone.

It said this will be of interest to WheatNet IP audio networked facilities that use POTS lines for their talkshows, and that significant savings can be made by transitioning their hardware and workflows to lower-cost SIP (VoIP) lines.

Bionics noted that regulatory and market changes are leading U.S. carriers to plan to end all PSTN lines by 2030. “Broadcasters who rely on POTS lines for their talkshow systems will be facing hefty price hikes, if not now, then very soon.”

CallerOne is a SIP software interface that on-air talent, call screeners and producers can use to manage calls. It integrates into a WheatNet IP audio network as part of the telephone control panel in Wheatstone consoles. Broadcasters can answer, screen and control calls from the console surface or a browser interface.

CallerOne uses WheatNet IP audio drivers for routing caller audio and natively supports WheatNet IP GPIO for logic controls like other elements in the WheatNet IP audio networked studio. It handles multiple SIP lines. Mix-minus and call conferencing are provided. There is an option to subscribe to Bionics’ webRTC client Anywhere to add HD remote contributor feeds directly into the system alongside standard calls, suitable for reporting from remotes and sporting events.

CallerOne is available with three-, six- or 12-line configurations starting at $395 retail. It is distributed in the U.S. by Broadcasters General Store and globally via authorized partners. Bionics made a similar announcement recently regarding Telos VSet.

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