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EAS Omissions Cost Station $8,000

EAS Omissions Cost Station $8,000

The FCC issued a fine for $8,000 to Roser Communications Network for failing to have a fully operational EAS system installed, failing to log the reasons for the failure of its EAS equipment to receive test transmissions and failing to transmit the required monthly tests.
Roser is licensee for Utica, N.Y., stations WBGK(AM), WBUG(AM) and WBUG(FM). It did not dispute the violations, which occurred late 2001 and early 2002, but said they occurred as the company was buying and selling facilities, building a station and moving equipment and bringing on new staff. Given the company’s previous good record, the commission reduced its original fine from $11,000 to $8,000 and gave the licensee 30 days to pay.
The commission could not consider Roser’s statement of its inability to pay because the licensee did not provide required financial documentation, the commission stated.