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EBU Approves StreamTheWorld for Radio

New partnership brings live streaming audio solution to EBU radio members

The European Broadcasting Union has signed a partnership agreement with StreamTheWorld, part of Ando Media group, that makes the company’s live audio streaming platform available to all EBU radio members.

Raina Konstantinova, director of the EBU Radio Department, said, “The aim is to make the latest streaming technologies more affordable in order to help our radio members achieve maximum reach and offer an optimum user experience. Our decision to approach StreamTheWorld followed detailed research and was based on the advice of broadcasters in both Europe and North America.”

EBU members can tailor their streaming services and choose among a range of features according to specific market needs. The StreamTheWorld toolset can be integrated with current solutions used by EBU members, and StreamTheWorld experts can help members optimize or launch live streaming operations.

StreamTheWorld prides itself on assisting clients that are newly introducing streaming services or looking to upgrade their offerings. Members whose online broadcasting presence is still in its infancy will thus enjoy access to.