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EDX Updates SignalPro

Release 8.1 adds features to network design software

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EDX Wireless has announced a new release of its


RF propagation, wireless network design and optimization software.

Version 8.1, the company says, “has been enhanced with new and improved features including the ability to open a Google Earth map or street view window centered on the project map point of interest. The Google Earth features include 2D and 3D visualization of network assets with system coverage and performance, as well as the ability to change antenna location or characteristics.”

In addition, SignalPro 8.1 includes a new Propagation Model Tuning utility with an interactive visual display. This new utility provides a simplified approach; automating model tuning while providing extensive user control and interactive feedback on convergence. The hybrid studies have been expanded in SignalPro 8.1 that allow for complex studies using multiple study results, such as areas where the simulcast spread is below a user-defined threshold and the field strength is above a threshold.

EDX SignalPro models radio and TV broadcasting and broadcast microwave STL and ENG systems from 30 MHz to 60 GHz and offers over 15 propagation models including Longley-Rice, Free Space+RMD, FCC+RMD and Okumura (Hata).