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Emergency Group to Work on Local Implementation

Emergency Group to Work on Local Implementation

FCC Chairman Michael Powell and Department of Homeland Secretary Ridge are cosponsoring a public forum in June to examine the media/government relationship in emergencies and explore ways to strengthen this relationship at the local level. Powell says the forum “will serve as a launching board for the work of “MSRC II.”
Saying that MSRC’s work is not complete, MSRC Chairman Dennis FitzSimons, chairman and chief executive officer of Tribune said, “Today we turn over a blueprint for action. The next phase is to convert these suggestions into planned reality.”
Powell said it’s critical the council’s recommendations reach those who can best implement them – local media. That’s why the group is being re-chartered with new priorities
David Barrett, president and chief executive officer of Hearst-Argyle Television Inc., will become chairman of MSRC II.
“As we move forward into the next generation of this important committee, we hope to satisfy the expectation of the FCC, Homeland Security and other agencies and public officials who count on broadcasters to help make America safer and more secure,” Barrett said.
MSRC is being chartered for a two-year term beginning March 24 to refine best practices recommendations and coordinate with FCC staff on a process to encourage adoption of those recommendations.

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