EMF Acquires Three FMs From Withers

Signals are in Illinois and Iowa
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Withers Broadcasting has closed on two separate station sales involving five broadcast signals.

The Educational Media Foundation paid $950,000 to purchase three FMs in Illinois and Iowa. They are 50 kW AC-formatted WYNG in Mount Carmel, Ill.; 100 kW oldies station KOKX in Keokuk, Iowa; and 19 kW classic rock KRNQ, also in Keokuk. EMF buys these from Withers Broadcasting Co./Volunteer Broadcasting.

Separately, Withers Broadcasting Company of Iowa sold Keokuk AM outlet KOKX as well as Carthage, Ill.-based WCEZ, a 6 kW FM, for $100,000 to Riverfront Broadcasting of Keokuk.

Larry Patrick & Greg Guy of Patrick Communications were exclusive brokers for both transactions.