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EMF Chooses Newtec Dialog

Will be implemented at more than 500 remote sites

Satellite programming distribution equipment maker Newtec says its Newtec Dialog platform has been selected by Rocklin, Calif.-based Educational Media Foundation to retrofit its K-Love and Air1 radio stations at more than 500 sites.

Newtec Dialog Hubs at two locations will multiplex EMF’s outbound radio signal, which can be received by standard, off-the-shelf integrated receiver decoders, as well as VSAT modems. According to a press release, this “will enable geographically redundant broadcast services, while the hub also allows the distribution carrier to be shared with the VSAT forward link.”

Newtec Dialog offers tailored services and “optimal modulation, bandwidth allocation, service availability, reliable automation of link setups and flexible workflow support,” according to a release. It also features Newtec’s return link technology Mx-DMA, which delivers the efficiency of a single channel per carrier with the dynamic bandwidth allocation of MF-TDMA [multi-frequency time division multiple access].

A team of engineers from both Newtec’s U.S. and Belgian offices coordinate the installation. Newtec has already equipped and connected more than 100 remote sites, with hundreds more pending. The system will also create a bidirectional IP pipe to radio towers to control and monitor EMF’s remote sites.

“Newtec Dialog provides an efficient use of our space segment and improves our ability to remotely manage our sites,” said EMF Vice President of Engineering Sam Wallington. “We have been really impressed with the collaboration and level of professionalism provided by the Newtec team during the planning and installation, and we look forward to continuing this relationship as further services are delivered.”