ENCO and Studer Play Nice

DAD learns to communicate with Studer’s OnAir consoles
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ENCO Systems is busy these days signing alliances with broadcast equipment companies. The latest, console maker Studer.

According to a release, ENCO’s DAD automation and playout system will soon be functional within Studer OnAir digital consoles.

OnAir Series Product Manager Ingo Hahn explained, “Studer offers a number of options for interfacing to automation and playout systems and the partnership with ENCO enhances both our product positions, while offering our customers a sophisticated yet simple to implement solution for workflow and control.”

A release noted that the interface was through Studer’s Monitora protocol and that it provided “bidirectional communication between the two systems over IP, with the added benefit of remote control playout via either the console or the automation system.”

Both companies plan to demonstrate DAD in the OnAir series at their booths at the NAB Show.


China Clients Go With Studer

Studer recently announced a string of sales of OnAir Series digital consoles to broadcasters across China, including OnAir 1000 and 2000 desks for Sichuan Radio, Foshan Radio, Shunde Radio and Bao’an Radio.

RNW Chooses Studer Option

Dutch international broadcaster Radio Nederland Wereldomroep (RNW) recently installed Studer OnAir 3000Net consoles in each of four self-op presenter studios at its Hilversum, Netherlands, headquarters.