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ENCO Will Build ‘Hands-on Media Play Van’

U.K. project hopes to spread ‘broadcast know-how’ to kids in deprived areas.

ENCO Systems said it has a commission to build a mobile, interactive media vehicle for young people in several communities in the United Kingdom.

It was contracted by Hope FM and the Bournemouth YMCA for the project, which aims to give children and the community “the chance to experience radio, video editing and interviewing. It even enables toddlers as young as two to explore an interactive world of animal sounds, shape-sorting and storytelling.”

A radio studio will be based on the ENCO DAD playout system. The system will use a Digigram IP link package that allows audio to be sent to and from the van over wireless connections and mobile broadband.

Grant Francis is projects director for ENCO Systems in the U.K. “Thousands of young people will be using the vehicle over the next few years, so it’s important that the kit is easy to use and reliable,” Francis said in the announcement.